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About Du'Arte Plastering

Du’Arte Plastering, located in Irvine, CA, is your premier choice for comprehensive plastering services. With over 26 years of expertise in the construction industry, we offer solutions designed for aesthetics and functionality. From the traditional stucco 3-coat system—encompassing lath, scratch, brown, and a pigmented or paint-ready color coat—to the advanced EIFS commercial system, we offer a wide range of services. Our offerings include expert waterproofing for decks, decorative concrete top coating for an artistic touch on floors, and custom foam decorative shapes for architectural elegance. Furthermore, our craftsmanship extends to limestone precast installations and meticulous stucco repairs, ensuring any patchwork or water damage is seamlessly addressed. Your property is our canvas; let us transform it with our expertise and passion for plastering excellence.
Expertise and Dedication

Our team isn't just skilled; we're experts passionate about crafting lasting beauty. We see beyond walls, envisioning spaces that become enduring sanctuaries.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Practices

Recognizing our role in fostering a healthier planet, we adopt eco-friendly materials to minimize our environmental footprint while enhancing your space's efficiency and beauty.

Wide Range of Services

From EIFS commercial systems to decorative concrete top coating and waterproofing, we provide a comprehensive suite of services to meet all your plastering needs.


At Du'Arte Plastering, our mission is to deliver plastering services that blend traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation. Our commitment is to transform every surface into a masterpiece, providing personalized solutions catering to our client's needs and aesthetic desires in Irvine and beyond. We strive for excellence, ensuring every project, from stucco to decorative concrete, is executed with the utmost precision, durability, and beauty.

We believe that the foundation of our success lies in the intricate details and the high-quality materials we use, paired with our dedication to customer satisfaction and environmental stewardship. Our team is dedicated to achieving your vision, ensuring every project is a seamless blend of function and form, ultimately setting new standards in the plastering industry.

Incorporating cutting-edge systems for superior structural integrity.
Custom-designed services to realize your unique architectural vision.
Ensuring enduring beauty through high-quality materials and expertise.
Transparent, timely execution; we value your peace of mind.
Ongoing maintenance and care for lasting customer satisfaction.
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What Are You Waiting For

Choose Du’Arte Plastering and transform your property into a work of art. Our premium stucco installation & repair services in Irvine, CA, bring over 26 years of specialized experience directly to your doorstep. Feel the difference today—where expert craftsmanship meets innovative solutions, creating lasting impressions for your residential or commercial space. Don’t settle for the ordinary; let us cloak your structures in excellence. Your dream facade is just a call away.
Quality Assurance
Project Efficiency
Aesthetic Enhancement

Du'Arte Plastering exceeded our expectations! Their team transformed our home's exterior with incredible skill. The stucco finish is flawless. Highly recommend them for their professionalism and quality work.

After Du'Arte Plastering worked on our commercial building, we received numerous compliments. Their EIFS system installation was top-notch, dramatically enhancing our building's insulation and appearance.

The team at Du'Arte Plastering is unparalleled. They repaired our water-damaged walls and added beautiful foam decorative shapes, making our home look new. They provide exceptional service and craftsmanship.