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Stucco 3 Coat System

Quality Three Coat Stucco Service in Irvine

At Du’Arte Plastering, we’ve been helping homes look their best for years. Our three Coat stucco service in Irvine, CA, is one way we do this. Consider walking up to a house that shines a little brighter, looks more welcoming, and feels like it’s smiling back at you. That’s what we aim for. Over time, we’ve completed hundreds of projects, making walls come alive and stand the test of time.
Our friends, because that’s how we see our clients, keep coming back to us. Why? As they know, we care about the project and making their homes match their dreams. Our satisfaction rate? It’s through the roof, with more than 90% of our friends returning for more or sending someone our way.
We don’t just slap on some stucco and call it a day. No, we take our time understanding what you need and your home needs, and then we get to work. Whether it’s a new building or returning an old one to its former glory, we’re there with you every step.
From tiny cracks that barely whisper trouble to big projects that need a complete makeover, we’ve tackled them carefully. Each project is a story; we’re proud to say we’ve had hundreds of happy endings.

From Start to Finish, We've Got You

So, how do we make the wonder happen? Our three Coat stucco  is more than just applying layers; it’s about protection, beauty, and durability. First, we lay down a lath foundation, like giving your walls a strong net to hold onto. Then, we add the scratch coat, which is like the base layer of a great painting – it sets the stage.
The brown coat comes next, smoothing things out and ensuring everything is even and strong. Finally, the color coat brings your home to life. Whether you choose a bright and bold color or something that whispers elegance, we mix it right there on-site to ensure it’s perfect.
We use the latest techniques and tools for three coat stucco service in Irvine, CA. We’ve seen stucco problems that range from small annoyances to big challenges, and we have a toolbox ready to tackle them all. We stay updated on the latest stucco tech, from our materials to application methods.
Why? We believe your home deserves the best. And that’s not all – we’re always looking for ways to do things better, more efficiently, and with your home’s future in mind. Whether it’s finding a more durable mix or a faster way to get things done without cutting corners, we’re on it. Your home is your castle, and we’re here to ensure it stands strong and beautiful for years.

Why Choose us

Skilled Team

Our team consists of field experts who love their work. They are professionals devoted to honing their skills and presenting you with a top-quality outcome.

Quick Response Time

Our team consists of three coat stucco experts who love their work. They are professionals devoted to honing their skills and presenting you with a top-quality outcome.

Long-Term Durability

We don't just aim for the surface to look good today. We use techniques and materials that ensure your stucco lasts for years to come, saving you money in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We offer a wide range of colors and textures to choose from. Our team can also create custom mixes to match or complement your home's existing style perfectly.

Yes, stucco cracks can be repaired to restore the appearance and integrity of your home's exterior. Our team is skilled at seamlessly repairing any damage.

Stucco enhances your home's curb appeal and value. It's a durable, long-lasting, attractive finish that's a great investment for homeowners.

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